MultiValue Modernization

"We selected Evoke as one of the corner stones of our Modernization strategy due to the rapid ROI that our customers realize." 
Dr John Nunziato,
Executive Vice President. 
MultiValue Central

What is Evoke?

Evoke is a rapid App development platform designed to provide for the fast development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps. Evoke allows you to build business apps, and extend enterprise applications, for your customers, employees and partners in a fraction of the time and cost of regular methods.

Based on a single design and code base, Evoke will support the deployment of Apps across multiple platforms and devices. Through Evoke you can dynamically, change a single user interface so that multiple sizes, types and operating systems of these devices are provided for, presenting the users of each device with optimum visual displays. All the regular devices are supported including the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phone, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop. 

Evoke provides seamless access to MultiValue databases from .NET applications. Its unique set of features allows the developer to use the latest Microsoft technology while still leveraging all of the traditional benefits of MultiValue functionality. It provides a wealth of end-user capabilities allowing the developer to rapidly create feature-rich, high performance applications using the powerful tools provided by Microsoft's .NET environment.

Evoke creates apps that are fully integrates with your existing MultiValue Database(s) and with System Builder. It works seamlessly any of the available Rocket connection tools, to provide for the interaction with your specific MultiValue database(s). Everything is managed by Evoke; from automatically importing the data dictionaries directly from the MV database into the Evoke app design to accessing data objects, items and attributes, while retaining existing Embedded MultiValues, SubValues and local or remote key structures and providing record locks/data integrity.

The Basic routines, that generally form an integral part of all System Builder environments, can be incorporated seamlessly into new Evoke built apps. This means that business logic, calculations and formulae, produced over a number of years, as well as newly produced code, can still be used and included in the app. Basic code in all its forms, can be incorporated in to Evoke built apps.